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Angela Martens – Sr. Content Writer & Editor

angelaBeing a Senior Content Writer, Angela holds an experience of more than 5 years and is well aware of all the scenarios that take place in the realm of Science. Angela is a great fan of NASA and likes to stay updated with its news. She also likes to collect different innovative gadgets with cool features and functions.

Email: angela.m@industrynewscollector.com


Jim Hunter  – Sr. Content Writer

jimBeing acquainted with the concepts and terms of finance and business, and the capability to present them in a well-versed and simple language to the readers, Jim earned this position of Senior Content Writer in our organization. Having an interest in ongoing political affairs, Jim also puts forth his standpoints pertaining to it.

Email: jim.h@industrynewscollector.com


Jacklyn McKelvy – Writer & Author

jacklynHolding a degree in Microbiology and an experience of 3 years, Jacklyn is a perfect match to guide the Healthcare domain. With a couple of interns by her hands, she manages to cover up the whole domain, making sure that the readers do not miss any important thing. In her spare time, you will be not shocked to see her glued to the television and watching National Geographic.

Email: jacklyn.m@industrynewscollector.com


Terrence Lewis – Contributor

TerenceTerrence is a privileged and versatile content writer and editor in the domain of Technology. Before getting into the writing world, Terrence was working as an STM editor for few renowned authors and publications, which gave head-start to rifle through the technology Innovations.

Email: terrence.l@industrynewscollector.com