Home Technology Metal Jet 3D Printing unveiled by HP at International Manufacturing Technology Show

Metal Jet 3D Printing unveiled by HP at International Manufacturing Technology Show

Metal Jet 3D Printing unveiled by HP
Metal Jet 3D Printing unveiled by HP

HP has created another milestone with its new invention of the metal jet 3D printing. It’s an upgraded model of their methods in binder jetting. The new invention is a resemblance of metal jet fusion machinery. The jetting of metal is done for the production of metal parts in higher volume at affordable costs.

The company states that their new invention is extremely efficient by about 50 times as compared to various forms in 3D printing market for the metal. It can print with layer thicknesses of 25-40 microns and in a horizontal resolution of 4-7 microns. As per the estimation, the system is available at a price of about $399,000 or might be lesser. The company has also planned to launch a service in Metal Jet Production which can be used to order any part online, which will begin from 2019.

Many experts in the industry are comparing the new system with the company’s older invention, i.e. Metal Jet Fusion. Both the systems use binders in their functionality and also use different processing techniques.

Metal Jetting’s process is probably similar to ExOne’s process; the technology while pre-sintering also leaves green parts. HP has explained that the new invention is cost-effective at portions of parts of 50,000. These numbers have broken the comparison numbers with MIM (Metal Injection Molding). Metal Injection Molding is considered to rely highly on polyethylene binders which are nearly 40 percent green. On the other hand, with a small amount of binder deposition Metal Jet is stated to be better.

HP is constantly in touch with the two major industrial providers, Parmatech and GKN to bring Metal Jet in the 3D printing market. Parmatech is focused on complete medical applications while GKN aims to develop parts in the automotive field for customers. Both the industrial providers could possibly join in the distribution of technology in the 3D printing market.

There is already an order put in for Metal Jetting devices by Wilo and Volkswagen. With this order, it seems like there is going to be a huge demand for the new invention by HP in the 3D printing market.


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