Home Health Heart attacks and strokes linked to heart age of individuals

Heart attacks and strokes linked to heart age of individuals

Heart attacks and strokes linked to heart age of individuals

Individuals crossing 30 years have been advised to check their heart age to understand the risk levels of heart attacks and strokes.  The BBC reported that Public Health England, has revealed how good heart health can reduce chances of heart attacks and strokes. The agency, reported that eight out of ten people below the age of 75 who suffer heart attacks and strokes could have actually prevented the strokes and attacks. In England more than 84000 people die every year out of heart attack or stroke.

The agency stated that an unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of exercise are aggravating factors that make the heart age more than the chronological age of the individual. This results in a heightened risk of attack or stroke. An online test to ascertain heart age is being touted as an effective tool to understand risk levels. While the tool itself is not claimed to be a diagnostic tool, it is designed to help individuals with unhealthy hearts to make the right changes in lifestyle at the earliest.

A large number of people may not exhibit symptoms of poor heart health during routine activities, but unknown to them, heart health may have steadily declined, leaving the chronological age far behind the heart age. A classic case in example is David Green, 59, who was told that his heart was 10 years older than him, and that this impacted his life expectancy. This prompted him to make changes in his lifestyle – multiple factors that contribute to heart attack risk can actually be mitigated through a change in routine, including a better diet and proper exercise to beat back obesity and high blood pressure.

The online test, which was taken by two million people threw up results that were shocking to the participants, but corroborated expert findings on this. More than 78% of the participants who took the poll had a biological heart age that was considerably more than their actual age, with one out of ten people having a heart age that was ten years older than actual age.


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