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Harley Davidson : All set for rolling out major innovations in models released in 2019

Harley Davidson : All set for rolling out major innovations in models released in 2019


The iconic Harley will be seen in a bolder version when models hit stores next year. The Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer announced plans to deliver models with superlative ride experience and performance, through innovation. Heather Malenshek, the VP of Marketing, Harley Davidson shared the company’s vision for the coming year “HD fans and the generation of riders will get to share the wide open freedom of motorcycling”.

The company announced plans to incorporate innovative technology in the Touring and Trike Models. A whole new host of features have been lined up for the die-hard Harley fans and the new users. From Infotainment to make the ride long rides a lot more enjoyable with hands-free voice recognition microphones, to all electronic braking systems, the list of innovative features is nothing less than impressive. The Anti Lock Braking System and Traction Control System are designed to offer greater safety and control of the beasts. The combination of innovative technologies are slated to turn the heat on, taking the popular brand to even higher levels.

The company is taking the styling several notches higher, fusing in elements of greater functionality. Patented sensors on the headlamps are designed to determine the probable unlit areas ahead of the Harley and project light onto those areas, giving greater security during night time riding. By all accounts, this is a first, and it is only natural that this is made available on the Harley, the bike loved and admired by all, globally.

The limited edition models will get premium sprucing up which will give them greater appeal. Combined with the powerful performance of the Milwaukee Eight 117 Engine, the CVO models will be the model to watch out for. The premium styling and performance will make this model to own the roads in style. A great feature of the beautiful beasts are the cornering control feature. This tracks the lateral acceleration and gets the braking and traction systems t9o work in tandem, making minute adjustments to give the rider greater cornering control, translating into greater safety on the roads. 2019 will give HD fans more reasons to cheer, as the Harley is all set to continue its reign on the roads.


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