Home Business FB Plans $1bn Data Center In Singapore

FB Plans $1bn Data Center In Singapore

FB Plans $1bn Data Center In Singapore

Facebook has zeroed upon the city of Singapore as its site for the latest data center. The center is most likely to be fully operational by the year 2022. This latest space is going to cost around 41bn and it will be situated in the western part of Singapore. The building will be a tall affair with 11 floors as a measure to preserve space in the jam packed country. An analyst was found to be explaining to BBC about this move from Facebook as Singapore’s increasing popularity among big tech companies. The new structure will be situated in an area of 170,000 sq m. It is expected to generate a large number of job opportunities for the locals.

As informed by Facebook, the latest center will run on 100% renewable power energy and it will also be equipped with a cooling system to facilitate minimal use of water and power. They further added that this technology was most likely to decrease the water consumption by 20% in a tropical climate like that of Singapore.

A technology blogger from India named Pankaj Mishra has described the decision of Facebook as an insult to India. The country is said to have the largest market for Facebook users. Another analyst was of the opinion that Singapore is the perfect choice for Facebook’s new facility. He informed in his interview to BBC that Singapore has established itself as Asia’s tech joint and it is the choicest location for almost all the major technology firms for their head of operations. He described the decision to be sensible in terms of finding great talented people because of the collective presence of all big technological firms located there. Singapore also has an excellent infrastructure for the companies to grow and conveniently get connected to other Asian countries like Hong Kong and China.


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