Home Technology Apple augmenting its AR team to take Apple Maps to improved reality

Apple augmenting its AR team to take Apple Maps to improved reality

Apple augmenting its AR team to take Apple Maps to improved reality

The market is abuzz with news that Apple is ramping up its AR technology capability by hiring candidates with AR background. This has given more teeth to speculations that Apple is working towards leveraging AR in its Maps app. All indications point in this same direction. Thinknum, the data driven ideas aggregator analysed the recent hires, drawing a connection between the requirements for AR in the job descriptions.

An interesting connection is the recent acquisition of Apple.  The Cupertino based company had acquired Akonia Holographics last week, which more or less confirms speculation of its growing interest and investments in AR.  The acquired startup was making steady progress into Augmented Reality Display and Apple’s recent statement is also an indication of how things are likely to unfold in the future. A statement released by Apple stated that digital maps were in their ‘infancy’ despite becoming widely used and relied upon by users.

In 2012, Apple had launched its Apple Maps which did not fare the way Google Maps did, and despite patches to improve the features, it did quite live up to its reputation on other fronts. This has prompted Apple to come up with features – contextually aware visuals, and responsiveness that will make it more experiential.

One of the key features that Apple intends to roll out in Maps is the need for more accuracy through frequent updates. The ambitious plans to roll out Maps section by section will most likely see more AR driven features. AR application engineers have been the hottest hires in Apple with opening at various levels, with ads posted between Aug 10 to 22.  The job description summed up the rising interest in AR, “”augmented reality, advances in technology and new kinds of data are powering innovations in all areas of digital mapping”

The Measure App by Apple is perhaps the biggest the biggest indication yet of Apple’s push into AR.  In the past Animoji and Memoji have also witnessed the use of AR in the apps. Maps is the next big app that will see AR driving accuracy, giving it features that make it powerful and intuitive.


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