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All new Google Fit raises the fitness bar with improved tracking and goals

All new Google Fit raises the fitness bar with improved tracking and goals

The all-new look of Google Fit is bound to get a few ‘hearts’ beating faster, and working towards the broad goals of the American Heart Association and World Health Organization. While the app was already available on Google Play to help the user track activity and give points, the new revamped design is set to make users a lot more ‘fit’, by goading users into meeting at least two fitness goals that will be measured by metrics fed by available sensors.

The app sports a stark white design with neat circles that will fill up smoothly as you work your way through the two goals. One is the ‘move minutes’ while the other is the ‘heart points’.  The first charts out the movements made by the user, and this extends to movements other than plain walking. The second will actually prod the user into trying to improve the pace of their activities to get their heart rate up.  However, Google is quick to add that they do not intend to occupy the space of a pure fitness app. Part of this could be attributed to the fact the metrics depends on the available sensors in the phone and wearable OS.

The gamification concept in the Google Fit app is meant to have a refreshing interface says Margaret Hollendoner, senior product manager for Google Fit, “it is not just about the number of steps, but the intensity” that matters. Working closely with the AHA and WHO has helped the team to understand the features that need to be incorporated in the app. Users get to see two goals and users who attempt both get to fulfill the daily required activity level are prescribed by the WHO and AHA guidelines.

The app only version will rely on the GPS to track the movements of users, while the wearable OS will use the combination of sensors and GPS to work out the calculations. The sleep tracking option in its predecessor version combined with these two goals ‘move minutes’ and ‘heart points’ are certainly a good way to start the journey to achieve fitness goals.


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